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Travel planning is a daunting task. When in Roam is designed to make traveling easier by sharing & exchanging experiences with the people you care about. We all have recommendations of places to go, things to see, or restaurants not to miss, but we lack a dedicated place to store & share these experiences. When in Roam allows you to create travel lists that start small, but build as you and your friends/family exchange where to go and what experiences you share.

Getting Started

Your hometown is a good start. Surely you’ve had friends come in town and ask where to go. When in Roam can help – jot a few places down and share them at will. Recommendations are best when they are personalized, so start with classics or favorites and add in the curated particulars.

Sharing is Caring

If you have a friend or colleague traveling to your favorite city, create them a list on your own profile and hit send to share your list. It’s easy as that. Now your favorite list & experiences can be added to your friend’s new list. In fact, your experience is now a shared experience by networking your personal taste, even if you are not there.

Build Over Time

We’re building the infrastructure to handle & import your existing lists, so we’re fully aware that these grow & evolve over time. So should your travel list in When in Roam. Start a new list for your next travel destination & include any articles or friend recommendations you’ve picked up along the way. You will be amazed how easily you can now find that one place you read about and always wanted to go.

So, where’s your next trip?



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